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Okpeye spice

Okpeye spice is a food flavouring spice produced from fermented oil seed. It has a very strong aroma that sets the whole house on a high pitch. It is a natural fermented spice that eases digestion of food and empties your bowel of any toxic materials thereby preventing health hazards. It is a seasoning that has nutritional values and other health benefits. Every part of prosopis Africana plant (Okyleye) are medicinal: the leaves, the skin, the roots and the seed. Okpeye seeds undergo fermentation which, helps in digestion of foods. Okpeye as it is called by Igbos, Igala and Idoma, while Iru in Yoruba and Dadawa (Kiria) in Hausa respectively, has health benefits over other synthetic (chemical) based spices because of its natural properties. With the recent findings, the western world has resorted to natural food and drugs, but the synthetic (Chemical) products are still thriving in Africa because Africa (One per park is 3 rows, Content of Each row is 10 sachet)
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